Research Project

'Age is a Beautiful Thing'

How do adults with dyslexia navigate the non-dyslexic world? An investigation into the coping strategies used by dyslexic adults from a community education centre.

This is the title of a Masters research project carried out with a group of dyslexic adults in a Manchester community education centre.

Opposite is a link to an article, published in the journal RaPAL (Research and Practice in Adult Literacy), summer 2009, giving a summary of the project and its findings.

For more information on RaPAL see:

picture of cover of sue's book

The words and images from the research have been included in a comic book by Sue Bell entitled ‘Picture This!’, published by New Leaf Books. It's designed for anyone who lives with dyslexia or wants to know more about the social and emotional experience of being dyslexic. It's available to order from Anne Chester:

The next page shows you some photographs and words from this project.

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